The Feel Good Farm in Sheridan, IN is Green BEAN Delivery's 60 acre farm, where we cultivate organic vegetables for our members. Read our Story

Our Story

In 2010, Green BEAN established the 60 acre certified organic Feel Good Farm as the first step towards making traditional farming more accessible to the community. Farming is no easy task – it requires planning, preparation, cooperative weather, a lot of hard work, and a little trial-and-error to be successful. But it’s a risk that Green BEAN was willing to take, believing strongly that traditional sustainable farming has an important place in modern food systems. It’s not just about growing food to consume, but recognizing the vital, interconnected roles that each part of a biodynamic food system plays. By creating and nurturing the Feel Good Farm, Green BEAN has learned first hand how our own farmers and artisans can best fit into the food systems we build. Farming isn’t just something we do – it’s something we are. Working the land and harvesting its bounty is a rewarding and essential activity for us.

We are sustainable farmers and believe in rotating our fields with a mixture of cover crops, grains, and vegetables. Our farming organization believes in both environmental and social justice.  At the top of our priorities is the stewardship of our topsoil and overall health of our farm.  Our belief is that proper nutrition starts on the farm.  We grow food that is nutrient dense, fresh, and makes you feel good!

One of our  goals is to help educate the future generation of sustainable farmers (our employees) while producing a large amount of locally grown healthy fruits and vegetables.  The Feel Good Farm sells most of its product fresh out of the field to our home delivery partners Green BEAN Delivery.  We pride ourselves on top quality, locally grown, certified organic produce.

The farm includes several tractors, interesting technique and equipment, 5 acres of blueberries, a wetland preserve, a hearty staff, some hydroponic applications, and large dreams bitten by reality each and every day.  We wouldn’t want it any other way.  That’s why it’s referred to as “slow food” instead of “fast food.  We work hard, play hard, and believe that what we are doing is worthwhile, noble, an important to our community.